Winter morning routine // Blogmas day 19

By Jenny Cole - 15:27:00

I wouldn't class myself as being a neither a early bird or a night owl, i mean i don't have a favourite between the two and I'm a mix of both. I have to get up pretty early most days anyway which is why i love the weekends where I can have a lay in (which doesn't happen anymore because my body clock doesn't go past 8).

I'm the most productive around mid-day surprisingly and late morning. If i don't get anything done around this time then I feel like the day hasn't been productive what so ever. Seeing the sun rise every morning is a beautiful thing to witness from inside when the weather is too cold (like it is today when I'm writing this).

So here is my winter morning routine...

My alarm usually goes off between 6:15-6:30 ( I have multiple set because i don't like waking up that early). I usually spend around 5 minutes just checking through Snapchat-keeping the snap streaks alive, going through my emails and other social media. Before putting on my slippers and my dressing gown and going downstairs to get some food.

I don't drink tea or coffee, I'm more of a hot chocolate kind of gal all year round. I have one every morning alongside a glass of water and some apple juice if there's any in the house. I also grab the nearest cereal to me most days before retreating back upstairs again.

After I've finished my breakfast I crack on with my beauty regime which doesn't take me very long max of 25mins all together on average. Like I've mentioned in previous posts I don't do much in terms of makeup in the winter because its too much hassle and normally I haven't got the time. 

Normally after planning I get straight on with what I need to do and aim to get the majority of it done by lunch so i can have a relaxing afternoon and a pamper day on the Sunday. 

And that's me done! Let me know if you're a coffee or a tea lover, or if you're like me and go for hot chocolate in the comments below! x

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