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By Jenny Cole - 10:58:00

Everyone knows who the Kardashians are right? I mean they're everywhere, always on the news for something. I personally love them and I watch their reality show religiously. So, when it was announced that Kylie, the youngest of the sisters, was releasing her own cosmetics line (over a year ago now!) I got very excited.

When it comes to new brands I like to wait until there's a good share of reviews before I purchase anything. However, as soon as you try one of her products it has a bit of a snowball effect (well for me anyway) and before you know it you have 5 and you're trying to find an excuse to wear them all, all the time.

She's just recently announced her Christmas collection for her company which has expanded a lot over the last year. A lot of my friends love picking up my little 'collection pot' of my Kylie lipsticks and glosses and admiring them before asking to try them on. So, I thought it would be a good idea to give you an insight into my Kylie Lip Kit Collection (this will only be the lipsticks, sorry) as part of Blogmas.

So, if you didn't already know Kylie's lip kits consist of a liner and liquid lipstick which come in a cute little box with her company logo on the front with the shade's colour as its theme. Her products have been ripped off many times but some trying to make a profit on it by selling fake lip kits. One thing to tell the difference between a real lip kit and a fake one is the grills on the teeth on the front of the packaging (pictured above). The real one is reflective and changes from silver to black under the light or a change of position. So if yours doesn't it's most likely fake. Personally, I wouldn't want to be wearing a fake makeup product due to the risks it brings when you don't know what you're actually putting on your face.

I've been very fortunate to get my hands on them enough times to be able to have a collection, the majority of which have been presents and some I have brought myself. I love them all to pieces and they're up there with some of my favourite lipsticks. So first up is my favourite of them all-Koko K.

This is hands down my favourite of them all. I've nearly finished this one so be expecting to see this in a empties post later on down the line. Her lip liners are SO creamy and easy to apply. They glide on and they're so easy to sharpen too. Koko's liner is also a very close shade to that of the lipstick itself.

Like I said earlier, this is my favourite because of how perfect the shade is. If I wearing lipstick, I can promise you it's most likely this one because its the perfect 'everyday lipstick shade'. The liquid lipstick applies like a gloss and dries matte, being rub-proof (it doesn't budge whatsoever). It's so pigmented and very long lasting. For me personally, it evens out my natural lip colour and makes my lips slightly fuller. It also, unlike many others, doesn't wash me out and im the palest you can get.

This was one of the first lip kits I purchased alongside Dolce K very early on in the year. At the time of buying it was the lightest shade out, so I was immediately attracted to it. I would describe its colour as being a 'dusty rose hue'. It's also a very 90's shade in my opinion but with a twist.

The colour of the lip kit is darker than I expected as it comes out as a warm berry shade on myself due to its pigmentation which is superb I have to say. I have to stick with one layer when applying this one, the same with Dolce, in fear of it being too overwhelming if I don't. Candy K is also very heavily scented. Just thought I'd warn you.

This is the darkest shade in my collection that I've accumulated over the year. As well as being one of the most daring lipsticks I own. I normally play safe but with this I'm taking the plunge. Big time

On the right skin tone this would be the most perfect deep nude. I was scared when I first got it because of how brown it actually is as well as the fear I wouldn't be able to wear it. But it was actually OK on me which shocked me a lot. This shade does vary a lot depending on the skin tone.

Maliboo was released as one of her summer shades this year, being a cool nude tone with a little hint of mauve mixed in to the mix. I'm very pale so this is more of a dark brown on me, which I was expecting, so its not used as much as the others but I still love it and wear it a fair amount of times. It's pretty much a lighter version of Dolce K.

I wear this one in particular with a light brown and gold Smokey eye as it balances out the eyes and lips. I wouldn't wear mascara with it as that may be too overwhelming due to it being such a bold colour statement-especially for me.

I was SO excited for this one to come out after Kylie announced its debut. I held back at first because I had some worries over its undertones and my skin tone in general. Pale and orange undertones don't go well together. I was proved right but I was also pleasantly surprised at the same time.

So many people were calling it the 'perfect nude' for themselves. Me, on the other hand, not so much. My perfect nude is the nearest shade to my natural lip colour. If I have the right makeup on, the shade is perfect on me and looks really nice in my opinion. If I was to wear my 'Everyday Makeup Routine' with the lipstick then I'd be washed out completely to say the least. Other then the minor details, the shade is beautiful and I love it and I would defiantly recommend it to anyone who was less pale than myself.

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