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By Jenny Cole - 09:49:00

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Christmas has always been a huge holiday in my house and among my family in general. It's my family's mission to make it one of the most enjoyable times of the year and to end the year on a good note. I was the youngest amongst the bunch for quite a while, but now there's a lot more kiddo's around which makes it even more exciting for me.

I can remember what I was like when i was there age so vividly because of how special the holiday is to my family. From leaving out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots by the front door for the reindeers so they could have a little snack too (I insisted on this a lot when i was younger!). Seeing my little cousins get so excited about what they're going to give Santa and his reindeers just warms my heart. 

It's a weird little family tradition that no presents whatsoever, go under the tree until Christmas eve night (even then it's the adults who put them underneath when we've all gone to bed in our Christmas pj's). So when we wake up on Christmas morning, we're surprised by all of their presents, some of which Santa brought us all in our little red sacks. 

I've gotten better at not waking up too early on Christmas morning. I mean nothing can beat that time when I woke up at 4am in the morning, woke up my parents, and opened all of my presents before falling asleep on the couch for another couple of hours while they both went back to bed until 8am. My personal best lay-in on Christmas day is 7:30 and im proud of it. 

My favourite Christmas memory is more of a mixture than just one. Helping to put the tree up for the first time when i was 10 felt like a present in itself after spending years of coming home from school to see it up and looking beautiful. It's a task but i love it. I know for a fact that this year we're using a different colour palette when it comes to decorating it after mum developed a obsession with rose gold. Hint: the tree's ball balls are rose gold. We actually put it a couple of days ago and the house feels a lot more christmassy.

 I remember a lot from when i was a toddler which is a bit strange personally but i think it's because when i was 2 i got my first Christmas related toy/plush toy that I still have actually. 

I remember the day I got him: so it was more of a classic day when it comes to shopping with my mum forcing me to go into every store possible with her looking for decorations and what not. Luckily i was in my pram or i think my legs would've given up on me after the amount of shopping that we had done that day. We went into Homebase and they get very christmassy to say the least. We went down one of their many Christmas decorated aisles and my eye landed on a certain very cuddly looking toy that was a reindeer that they had come out with that year. Now, if you give a two year old a plush toy they will not let go of it. I grabbed him off the shelf and my mum couldn't resist giving into letting me have him. When it came to going up to the check out I refused to let go of the him so the cashier had to come round the till with her extendable (they weren't wireless back then) scanner and scan his barcode so i could buy them. If that doesn't show how quickly i fell in love with him then i don't know what will. I named him Roo because it was the most original thing i could think off and he actually wears another one of my childhood bear's jumpers because i thought it would look cute. It does. He's that toy for me that i don't think i could ever get rid off because I've had him for a good 14 years and the plush toy reindeers that most brands come out with nowadays, don't even compare to him. 

Another one of my favourite Christmas memories is when my nan first started baking a Christmas cake every year. Which has now developed into a tradition. This year I'm helping which I'm looking very forward to. And of course there'll be a blog post about it on here. We also bake cookies, cupcakes and this year for the first time we're doing a gingerbread house in classic gingerbread and chocolate as well as put-together reindeers. If you don't know what they are, you use cookie cutters to make the different shapes of a reindeer and you slot them together at the end, kinda like a jigsaw, in having a little mini stood up reindeer shortbread.

This blog post is a different from what I usually talk about on here so let me know in the comments below what you're favourite Christmas memory is and if you'd like to see more of these type of blog posts. 

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