Winter fashion // Blogmas day 17

By Jenny Cole - 04:31:00

I have to admit, my winter wardrobe doesn't actually kick in till' around mid December after school has ended. It's also the point where I can no longer escape the cold and I have to submit to my winter coats and my dressing gown whenever I can when I'm at home.

I find it so hard to put together my own winter outfits because jeans and a jumper and a woolly coat don't exactly class as one of the stylish winter outfits. How do you make layers stylish and still be warm at the same time is one of my many questions. When I'm in need on inspiration I turn to Pinterest-like many others. I've gathered together 3 of my favourite winter outfits from Pinterest and put them all into this little space here.


Credit: Ecstasy Models

Let me know in the comments what your winter outfit entails.

Jenny xo

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