A-Z of Christmas // Blogmas Day 8

By Jenny Cole - 07:14:00

It's official, I have a all time favourite type of blog post, A-Z of things. If you didn't already know, my favourite holiday is Christmas. No question about it. My last one of these, Alphabetical Advice- which you can find here: Alphabetical Advice  , was so popular so I decided to bring it back in a new form for one of my Blogmas posts. I have to admit I did struggle with some of these and I had to think about it (and use google). So the difference from the last one is it's not advice and it's just one worded. Enjoy!

A- Angels
C-Candy Cane
D- December 25th 
F- Father Christmas
G- Gingerbread
H- Hot Chocolate
I- Ice skating
J- Jack Frost
K-Kris Kringle
L- Lights
M- Mistletoe
N- North Pole
P- Pudding
Q- quince
R- Reindeer
S- Santa
T- Tinsel
U- Unwrapping
V- Vacation
W- Winter
X- Xmas
Y- Yule
Z- zest

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