I'm Jenny, a 17 year old future film production student, who lives in the UK. I started blogging around two years ago, in 2016, about beauty, lifestyle, style and other life ramblings before adding film-focused posts. I have a huge passion for blogging and film in general, especially in the context of living your life to the fullest and inspiring people to be the best versions of themselves. 

I'm currently doing my A-levels so I apologise in advance if I disappear for a few weeks at a time, normally it means I'm putting all my energy and focus on school. 

I have a little bit of a 'talent' (if we can call it that) for managing to bingewatch entire series of shows without realising in a very small amount of time. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum I can sometimes go a while without watching Netflix as I get to wrapped up in school commitments and life in general. I am after all just a teenager. 

I try to keep my blog as authentic and realistic as possible, I hope you get to know me a little bit better through my posts and you enjoy reading them! Thanks for visiting. 

Have any questions? Email: hellojennyxcole@hotmail.com 


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