The process behind Demissio

By Jenny Cole - 04:42:00

Demissio was the second instalment of my short mental health series, this time showing what depression could feel like for some people, everybody experiencing it differently. That's what made it harder for me when writing the script for it compared to Ango- which focused solely on general anxiety disorder (GAD). I had consulted many people in the lead up to writing the script for the short, including local mental health charities and friends of mine to learn the differences, alongside a pro-longed research period before writing began.

Overall, the film took roughly six months to make from the decision to make the film to the final product. I experimented a lot more in this film with the production values and post-production, asking for a lot of advice from friends in the industry when it came to lighting and achieving what I wanted- getting the message across that depression affects everyone differently and this is only one way, ultimately asking those to expand their view of depression and break the stereotypical vision they had.

I feel that when writing I draw from personal experiences, but for Demissio I was unable too, instead it came from others people's stories, that I will forever be grateful too for being kind and strong enough to share with me and allowing me to voice their story in a way that they felt they were unable too. The vast difference between Demissio and Ango is that this time I reached out to local mental health charities and professionals and asked for advice, the writing and concept being harder to decide than Ango. Lines within the film are taken directly from people's stories, they're true and untouched.

The reaction to Demissio was more overwhelming than the reaction I had to Ango, so thank you to everyone who watches and I hope you're able to take something away from the film as I intended. Currently the final instalment of the series is being written and is aimed to be released by the end of the year.

If you are suffering with mental health as discussed in Ango and Demission please use the following websites to seek help.

If you are within the UK you can use the following websites to seek help:

If your not in the UK you can use the following website to seek help:

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