'No makeup, makeup' // Blogmas Day 11

By Jenny Cole - 08:01:00

There's always the days where I'm too tired to do my makeup but I don't want to out the house looking half-dead so i put in some effort when it comes to making myself presentable, shall we say? I think this makeup look for me could also go under 'I've tried but I'm very tired'. This is what my makeup looks like when I'm at school because I'm on a time limit and I like sleeping. 

This is also one of my favourite types of makeup looks because:
A) my freckles show through it, 
B) it's a lot lighter on the skin, I hate it when it feels like my skin is suffering underneath my makeup and C) its so simple and quick. 

Step 1: I mix one pump of my MAC Strobe cream and two pumps off my Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation together on the back of my hand (not the best, i know) and use my index finger to dot it equally on my face before blending it in to my skin. 

2) I brush through my eyebrows with my Benefit Gimme Brow and shape them. 

3) I apply a thin layer of the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in the shade 'Kim K'. 

And, ta da. I'm done. It takes me under 5 minutes to do every morning and I really like how it looks. Of course, you can switch it up to your hearts desire so it suits you and what you like and don't like. This look is perfect for school and when you need a quick makeup look that looks good.   

Products used:

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation
Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick- Kim K
Benefit cosmetics- Gimme Brow 
MAC strobe cream 

Let me know in the comments below if you liked this look and what you 'no makeup, makeup' look entails. 

Jenny xo

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