Santa Secrets // Blogmas day 15

By Jenny Cole - 02:04:00


(please don't read this if you're excited for Santa to come on the 24th)

In no way shape or form do I want to sound like the Grinch in this blog post, but I've always found it an interesting question to ask someone when they knew that 'he' wasn't real and its actually our parents.

I mean after a while your common sense kicks in when it comes to this time of year and staying up and waiting for Santa to arrive looses its excitement when you get to a certain age (6 for me). The Santa excitement is still very much around in my family due to the little ones. Like I said earlier, I'm not trying to be like the Grinch I promise but there comes a point where your parents can't lie to you about it any more and it comes very clear that its been them the entire time putting the presents under the tree as soon as you fell asleep before whisking you upstairs and tucking you into bed.

I mean, the bite out of the carrots was a very clean cut if you receive my meaning (I blame drama for that phrase being stuck in my head, specifically Frank from Equus). I'd be very surprised if a reindeer's bite was actually that clean so it looks like a knife has cut half of the carrot off.

Don't get me started on the mince pies/biscuits and the glass of milk we leave out every year. Grandad if you're reading this, you can give it up now. It's a nice gesture and all but I've known for a while now.

I wanted to tell you lovely lot how I found out that Santa wasn't real before I babble on and on for eternity. So here goes...

I can't remember the exact month but I was in year 5/6 (yes I believed it for that long) and I was walking to school with my Nan. We were discussing Christmas as you casually do and she suddenly came out with 'You know that it's been me and your mum putting the presents under the tree, right?'. Now, part of me had a feeling it was them after other kids in my class had started telling everyone else that he wasn't real but some of us didn't believe them, patiently waiting for our parents to own up instead. The other part of me at this point was distraught that practically a good half of my childhood had been crushed in one sentence by someone who had been acting as the oh so famous 'Santa' all this time. Let's not forget that I was on my way too school so my day was ruined before it had begun.

I still have a lot of my original Christmas spirit before anyone starts calling me the Grinch. I'm far from it and you can't say I didn't warn you what this blog post would be about. I mean first line and all.

Whenever we mention the words 'Christmas' or 'Santa' my little cousins faces' light up and its one of the best things to witness because of how excited they get. I don't want to be anywhere near them when they're older and they find out.

To end this blog post on a happier note, let me know in the comments below how excited you are for Christmas.

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