Cole Christmas Traditions // Blogmas day 21

By Jenny Cole - 09:20:00

Christmas is the most important holiday in my family and we're known for going all out at this time of year. I begin thinking about Christmas as soon as Christmas ends for the following year. I have been known to watch Christmas films in the middle of August. No joke.

I wanted to do a little blog post on my family's Christmas Traditions, some of which have been around a long time before I was born.

1- No presents under the tree until Christmas eve night when all the kids are in bed. This one came into play when I was very little and my mum experienced it a few times herself when she was a kid because we both had the habit of sitting down and trying to peek at what the presents were. I prefer all the presents appearing for Christmas morning though as it adds to the excitement on Christmas day.

2-Holiday music playlist. We have a family Christmas playlist on Spotify where each family member chooses their favourite Christmas song and it gets added to the playlist. Then when we're all chatting, baking, cooking or whatever we put it on and dance as well as having a little chinwag.

3-Driving around and looking at all the decorated houses. This is probably one of my favourite Christmas traditions to do. We did it a couple of weeks ago actually when my Nan was working late and we decided to take along so she wouldn't be alone when driving around late at night. Let's just say that a lot of people decided to decorate the front of their house this year.

Let me know in the comments below what some of you're family Christmas traditions are.

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