Gift wrapping inspiration // Blogmas Day 9

By Jenny Cole - 07:53:00

Can you believe that there's only 16 days left until Christmas? And only one more week until I finish school for the year, meaning I would've done a whole term of sixth form- which is so weird for me because time's gone by so quickly. It's crazy how this whole year has gone to be honest. It feels like last Christmas was only a couple of weeks ago. It's been a year. A YEAR. 
Wrapping presents is one of my favourite things about Christmas, I love giving my friends and family there presents, it makes me so happy that I can't even put it into words. As I've gotten older, my interest in how to wrap presents creatively has grown and last year I tried some of my own creative gift wrapping ideas of my own on a couple of wine bottles. I'm proud and happy of how they turned out, even a year on. 
I've been wanting to do one of these blog posts for a while and this is probably one of my favourites that I've done so far. So.. sit back and enjoy reading this little gift wrapping inspiration blog post.

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