One step back, two steps forward // Blogmas day 20

By Jenny Cole - 07:29:00

This year has had its fair share of ups and downs. I mean, I finished my formal education (5 years of high school), I turned 16, Prom and I did and smashed my CGSE's. In general, the year has been one of many milestones and the end of some era's.

This year has gone by so quickly! I've just broken up from school after doing my first term of a-levels! Where has the last two years gone? I can learn to drive next year- which is then quickly followed by making decisions on what I want to do after I leave sixth form. At the moment, I'm torn between film school and university; trying to find which one will be the best one for me.

Looking back on last year's resolutions- I managed to do them all! Some were goals while others included breaking habits and getting back into hobbies I had distanced myself from when I was a child. I have this coming's year resolutions in a list on my phone ready to go for New Year's Day. I don't do the normal new years resolutions, it's more little weird ones that are quite easy to do once I in-cooperate them into my routine but I never had the time for them until this year. Here's a few of my little goals for the coming year:

I'm going to work harder at...
A project I'd like to finish...
the book I began writing when I was ten. Lol. (does anyone still say that anymore??)
I'd like to spend more time...
reading and filming.
I want to wear more...

Let me know in the comments below what you're new resolutions are for this coming year.
Jenny xo

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