What I learnt from 2017

By Jenny Cole - 07:50:00

(Editor note: I wrote this at the very beginning of the year and never came round to posting it until now, sorry!!)


I hope everyone had an amazing last year, and that this year brings everyone happiness, success, love, and good health!!

I always like to reflect on the year when it comes to an end, look back on past achievements, new and old friendships and just sum it all up in a whole. However, I only ever do this in a positive way, the negative experiences I have learned from and I will take those lessons forward with me in my next step, but I don't see the point in reflecting on the negative, as I feel like it holds you back a bit.

Confidence comes when you're happy- confidence is something I've always struggled with, especially once I hit puberty. I used to be confident when I was younger before all the bitchy-ness began amongst everyone once we got to secondary school, I had a much simpler life back then. This past year my confidence has increased a lot, especially in December. Something finally clicked in me a little bit and I feel very different compared to this time last year. Not everyone is going to be pleased or happy with what you do and you can't change that, you have to accept it and move on, always be yourself and have fun! My confidence came once I was happy with who was surrounding me and what I was doing, I'm so excited to see what this year holds for me as I'll encounter a lot of new experiences this year that will most likely change who I am and let me grow as a person as I reach adulthood.

When to be silent and when to speak loud- have you ever found yourself in a position when you are debating when to stay silent and when to speak loud? I have found myself in this position a few times in the past couple of months. I've learnt that sometimes words aren't always needed and that actions do speak much louder than words. I've learnt when to bite my tongue and stay quiet and move on from situations before anything else ensures that isn't going to make any one happy that's involved.

Don't hold yourself back- I've always been a very driven person who has big dreams. This year I released some films that I had been keeping to myself for some time before getting the confidence to put them out. Filmmaking is what I want to do for the rest of my life and the response I got from my three little pieces, has only driven me further, and made me want to work even harder to get to my dream position in life. I realised through all of this that I was holding myself back, so this year I'm planning even bigger and better projects to be released throughout the year to widen my experience and pursue my passion to my heart's content.

Coming is going, and going is coming- I ended this year with only some of those whom I started with. Friendships come and go as you grow apart from people, but the people I have surrounding me now I wouldn't change for the world. Change is normal and it needs to occur in order for you to grow. Plus, it's not always a bad thing!! A lot of change is coming my way this year and I'm very ready for it and see what it has in store for me.

Cherish those that you love, you never know if you'll seem them again- I'd say this by far the most important lesson I learnt this year. You never know what's going to happen or how long you have left in this world. One day you won't be here so you have to make the most of those around you and the precious time you have on this earth. You never know when its going to come to an end. don't ever take those around you or time for granted.

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