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By Jenny Cole - 14:51:00

Whenever I feel overwhelmed or stressed, even at the end of a long day at school or on a Sunday morning, I like to take some time to de-stress and relax. We often hear about how important self-care is and how often we should do it, but sometimes it's harder to set that time aside in our busy schedules or even having the effort to do so. Sometimes it's because we don't know to indulge in self-care of where to even begin.

Self-care can involve you doing absolutely nothing if you so wish. Self-care can involve you doing whatever you want to do. Don't force yourself into doing anything you don't want too, self-care only works when you listen to what your body is telling you. I go through little phases every now and again when it comes to self-care, I mix between doing more exercise, journaling, drawing, reading, going on a short walk-whatever. I do it in that moment, when my mind is telling me too. I don't procrastinate about it. Your body needs a break every now and again, it deals with so much in your day-to-day life and it's very easy to become overwhelmed. Self-care has been proven to produce positive feelings, which improve confidence and self-esteem too.

Self-care is important for a few reasons:

- it reduces stress
- it helps your happiness
- gives you some 'me' time
- it can help you refocus

Personally, when it comes to self-care I like to do something everyday and then dedicate my Sunday evening to it too. I find this the most relaxing moment of my week and it helps me de-stress tremendously.

P A R T   O N E

Is there anything more relaxing than an warm bath? Especially at the end of a long day?

 I'm personally not a fan of candles so I rarely use them for lighting or just in general, though I have a few lying around the house. I just turn on some fairy lights in my room to give me the low lighting feel. I normally put on an episode of a series I'm watching on Netflix while I relax in the bath, trying to catch up on my favourite TV shows. In this time I do part of my body skin care routine which consists of body scrub, shaving, moisturise, exfoliate etc... and also apply a clay face mask to my problem area's on my face.

P A R T   T W O

After I get out the bath I do my hair care routine and my nails. Before I dry my hair I spray _____ into it to nourish it and help it grow, be strong and healthy.  I spray heat protector onto it before then gently combing through it and letting it dry naturally for around half-an-hour, in which I do my nails, before then finish drying it with a hairdryer.

Just before I wash off my face mask, using a warm flannel to get off the excess while my hair is drying naturally, I start doing my nails. I start off with some clear base coat to protect my nails and to prevent damage, leaving it to dry while I pick my colour of choice for the week, sometimes two. Once my nails are dried I finish off drying my hair. If I know I have something coming up in the next couple of days I'll straighten my hair or curl it before going onto part three.

P A R T   T H R E E

I'm a huge fan of the app Headspace- it's one of my saviours and really helps me clear my head and gives me some more 'me' time. I only do 5-10 minute sessions in one given sitting, otherwise I find I get a too little relaxed and nod off on the floor or something. After this, I tend to watch another episode of a show while in bed, before doing some journaling and then reading around 25-50 pages of the current book I'm reading (currently the 'Catcher in the Rye') before going to sleep.

I hope you enjoyed this little blog post. What's your favourite self-care tip?

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