How I (attempt to) manage blogging and A-levels

By Jenny Cole - 06:52:00

If you've been following this blog for a while then you may be aware of my blogging habits and how I have sometimes disappeared for a short, maybe a few months, period of time. I'm not going to lie and say that it's easy to manage a blog and three A-levels at once, because it's clearly very not. When I first started this blog I posted when I wanted too and didn't really think of an audience let alone a blog schedule. Last year my blog became more beauty and lifestyle central before I introduced film into it all. There are a lot of posts on my blog that were very rushed and I admit that I'm not happy or content with any of them, knowing full well that they're nowhere near the standard I hold for myself or what I think a true reflection of my blog posts are. This year I'm transitioning my blog into something that I can completely fall in love with, accounting for my readership and myself.

I've tried writing heavily in advance, but then I forgot to post or share them on social media and it turned into this constant cycle of forgetfulness. Before my life being completely taken over by school work and life in general. Anyone remember when I did Blogmas and I had a complete burnout? Yeah I do. I think I'm partly recovering even though it was over a year ago. That was rough. School is rough. Life is rough.  Blogging incorporates so much, writing posts are very time-consuming, let alone coming up with the content, keeping in mind making blog graphics and taking photos, responding to emails and comments. It's a very "active" hobby and passion to have. I've been lucky enough to recently connect with some of you and understand what you'd like to see me post on here and its inspired and motivated me to get this little blog back in check and running properly again.

So, why I have some motivation to do just that I thought I'd write a little list of things I've found out that work for me when I go through these little phases of not being caught up in day-to-day life when it comes to blogging.


After Blogmas and trying to post three times a week, and quickly burning out, I've recently tried to post once a week and its working for me. It means I have a commitment to keep up, and it allows me to develop quality content that you guys enjoy rather than stressing to try and get three less quality posts up in one week. Quality over quantity aye. I felt guilty if I didn't get blog posts up on time and I got bored very quickly.

I've ditched the whole 'schedule' aspect and just tried to focus on the quality, because that's the most important element at the end of the day. If I have a lot of blog post ideas and I have written in advance then there will probably be more than one a week, or if there is a time constraint on when you can post a blog post, for example a seasonal one then they'll be exceptions, but I'm not going to put unnecessary stress on myself.


Oh yes, I have one and I am constantly adding to it and coming up with new ideas. This has helped me a lot and technically my blog posts are planned until Christmas. It's very easy to not blog when you have no ideas, and fall into the pattern or in my sake habit of disappearing for months at a time. I've used Todoist for years, for school and revision lists to now my blog.


Leading on from the previous point, I use todosit religiously. I've recommended it to friends and family for near enough everything. It works a treat. I have it on my phone and my computer, it helps to have the priority feature and 'projects'. It's amazing and I highly recommend it.


What's the purpose of making a to-do list if you then don't make the time to get it all done? I always plan my revision around school hours, normally leaving blogging to the weekend where I have the most spare time and I'm relaxed, being able to get things done quicker for some reason. I think its because I don't have the constant stress of school so much surrounding me at this point of the week. Saturdays are my blogging days, predominately when I'm watching TV so I'm multi-tasking at its best. And then I don't have to think about it for a week.


Personally, I get motivated when I follow like-minded people and blogs similar to that of mine. I loose motivation when I get heavily loaded with school work and struggle to find time to write, easily falling out of the blogging mind-set. Seeing fellow bloggers uploading frequently inspires me to do it and vice-versa, it's a wonderful community and I'm very happy to be part of it.

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