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TV and film is such a huge part of my life, especially in this day and age where you can binge-watch a entire season of a show in a day, with the help of on-demand, Netflix, Amazon prime, Hulu and of course other not-so well known streaming services. It's at the click of a button, for the audience to consume anywhere, anytime.

I'm known for getting through series very quickly, especially if I'm in love with them and they've become one of my new favourites within a couple of episodes. Hopefully, through this little list you'll find a new TV show to watch. I'd love to hear some of your recommendations to, so please feel free to comment them down below!


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I'm going to kick of this list with my new favourite obsession(s). I know I was very late to this bandwagon but I can honestly say this is my favourite show of all time. I was very curious on a Wednesday night, scrolling through Netflix, when I saw this little gem in my 'Recommendations'. I thought 'Don't see why not' and I began watching, 5 minutes later I'm sat there in awe of the cinematography, the acting, the cast, the screenwriting, directing- to put it simply every aspect of the show. I finished the two seasons available on Netflix, within a week,  before endlessly searching online for the third season and binge watching that within three days. I was hooked very quickly. The show deserves a lot more praise and reaction, to what it already has. It's incredible. I'm so very excited for the fourth season of the show, I have so many questions and I need an explanation to the line in the trailer: 'We don't get to decide who lives or dies'. I'm sorry, but no one is allowed to kill off any one of any importance. That's what I watch Grey's Anatomy for.


Credit: TNT

If you like Peaky Blinders, then you'll love Animal Kingdom. It has a very similar presence, but more action packed and set in the modern day. It follows the Cody brothers, J and Smurf, in their freelance criminal family. It's lead, Finn Cole, is also in Peaky Blinders as Michael Gray. The show is jaw-dropping in its plot twists and storylines, which never fail to grab my attention.


Credit: ABC

This is the show I seem to cry the most at. Word of warning- don't get too attached to the characters. This show is a roller-coaster of emotions but Shona is an amazing writer who never fails to amaze me with each and every episode. This is defiantly one for those who want a challenge when it comes to binge-watching with 14 seasons currently available. It's set in Seattle Grace hospital and follows the doctors and surgeons face day-to-day problems with some extraordinary cases.


Credit: ABC

For the fans of Greys or 'How To Get Away with Murder', you'll be interested in Scandal for sure. From Grey's being centred on doctors, and HTGAWM based on lawyers, this one follows the 'fixers'. Have a problem? Call Olivia Pope. In recent seasons they've followed the 2016 election campaign, and its honestly hilarious but dramatic. It's a little bit harder to get into, in comparison to Greys but it is worth sticking with it for the long run.


Credit: Netflix

Black Mirror is one of the shows that loves to challenge current debates and issues in our society, in a magnificent way. You can watch one standalone episode from any of the seasons, without having to of watched any of the other episodes (though it may help to understand what exactly the show does and its structure). Each episode takes a issue or debate and shows how our world might look like. I accidentally watched season 3, episode 1 first, before realising that there was two previous seasons, so I quickly went back and started from the beginning because I was hooked. This show is defiantly for those who want something new and exciting with each episode, its truly one of a kind.

What are some of your favourite shows to watch? 

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