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Black Mirror came back with a bang, a couple of days ago at the end of the festive period, and I have to say that it lived up to and beyond my expectations. The fourth series overall was highly entertaining and thought-provoking and once again, made me want to throw away all technology I have in my house and pray that none of the plot lines every come true.

With some of my favourite actors making an appearance ( *ahem Joe Cole), some of the episodes have become some of my favourite Black Mirror episodes of all time.

USS Callister

Credit: Netflix

First and foremost, this episode makes me a) never wanna play Sims again and b) never go near a VR system in my life. I feel like this episode got more unsettling as it went on and was undoubtedly hilarious at the same time in some parts.

I loved the Easter eggs that appeared in the episode and I'm sure it will be heavily loved by Star Trek fans everywhere. I was near enough cheering by the end of the episode.


Credit: Netflix

The bleaker, haunting episode of the series was in fact Crocodile this time around. It's something that I can see happening in the future as technology develops, most likely by the government and police forces.

With this episode I was bit stand-offish with, some parts I liked and some bits I didn't. The episode started off slowly and then became more fast paced as her life began to unfold in front of her. I did read somewhere on twitter that the meaning behind the name is that a crocodile with cry when they kill someone, but not because they have remorse. I'm still crying internally for the poor baby who had no reason to be killed in the end.


Credit: Netflix
This episode surprised me a little bit as I didn't have high expectations for. I thought it would be an episode that would most likely find its way to the bottom of my list of the best to worst episodes but it actually did good.

It had similar premises to previous episodes, with a little extra twist. Again, it's honestly a concept I could see happening in the future as technology develops and people wanting to shield their children from all the violence in the world, with censorship growing stricter as the years go on already.

One little bone I have to pick with this episode is, that Brenna Harding does not pass as a 15-year old girl in any way.

Hang the DJ

Credit: netflix
My absolute favourite of all the episodes from this season, not only because it starred one of my favourite actors, Joe Cole, but the whole episode in general was amazing.

Inspired by the ever-growing dispassionate dating rituals of the 21st century, its lives up to San Junipero, with both leads doing an outstanding job and making it by far my favourite episode from the fourth season.

My heart was melting throughout most of the episode, knowing that 998/1000 times they decided to rebel against the system and it did make me wonder, what happened to the 2 tries that they didn't rebel and went with the person who wasn't in fact their true match. It hurts my heart a little bit to think about it actually.


Credit: Netflix
Metalhead was a bit confusing at times and was my least favourite episode of this series. The acting was good but it doesn't come anyway close to its fellow's unfortunately. I feel that the narrative was also too simplistic for it even really be considered a black mirror episode, which led to its much shorter screen time.

A constant chase between a relentless mechanical dog and a woman wasn't what I had in mind for this episode at all. Honestly, I was quite bored by the end of it and kept zoning out while watching, it wasn't nearly as gripping or suspenseful as one would hope for a black mirror episode and was a bit of a let down.

I have one question in regard to this episode, Charlie Brooker, what on earth were you thinking?

Black Museum

Credit: Netflix
I loved this episode!! Moving on from the normal and typical Black Mirror episode formula and instead focusing on small tales interlinked with the main narrative, constructed one of the best episodes they've ever done.

I've always thought that the episodes of Black Mirror all occurred in the same universe, interlinking with one another in some shape or form. Black Museum did just this. It was overall, a very memorable episode.

Have any of you seen the new season or are planning on watching/binging some of the episodes (if not all) before we go back to reality in the next couple of days with school and work and life?


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