Let's chat about fake friends

By Jenny Cole - 09:40:00

Friendship: the quality or condition of being friends.

Friendships are generally amazing- friends being the non-biological family in your family tree. Having someone there to talk to through all the good and bad times, through thick and thin and someone always being there for you.

However, sometimes friends may be just 'friends' and at first everything is good and nothing's wrong, but once you look a little closer you notice all the little cracks which eventually turn into one big crack. Or the 'friend's' that are poisonous and over-time make you feel worthless and not your true self at all.

I experienced this lot over the last two years, being part of a group that I didn't feel 100% apart of, thinking I had a group of friends that I could talk to but weren't actually there for me in my time of need like I was for them, and actually made me feel worse overall. I could go and write a full blown essay on every little thing that happened, and what made me distance myself from those type of people but I won't because I've risen above it and moved on and grown as a person because of it.

Instead, what I will do is write a blog post on how to spot 'fake friends' from the get go, a list that I know would've come in handy a while ago. No one should ever have a fake friend, it's not a nice thing to experience, your friends should be there for you and support you not the opposite. So here's a little list on what a fake friend does:

- expect you to drop everything you're doing when something happens or goes wrong but when you're in the same situation, they won't bat an eyelid and brush you off.

- they'll only hang out with you when it suits them or they'll only make plans when their 'better' plans fall through.

- if you are in need of some space, a real friend will let you have it and not bad mouth you behind your back.

- they don't support you in everything or anything that you want to do. A real friend will be there for you every step of the way.

- they'll make every thing about themselves and how it benefits them instead of you when something big happens.

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