Clarins Lip Oil Review

By Jenny Cole - 11:51:00

I'm in love with anything that provides my skin with hydration and moisture- especially when its to do with lip products. I've tried and tested many over the years, some which have worked, others not so much. However, I have never tried or used a lip oil, which made me very excited when one of my favourite brands added to their lip oil collection with even more flavours, that I was already dying to try.

I present to you the Clarins Instant Light Lips Comfort Lip Oil. You won't be disappointed.

I finally managed to get my hands on one, in my favourite colour and flavour- mint (theres four shades in total). To me lip oils are still pretty new and an awesome concept which I love. I've always associated Clarins with lip products and they defiantly didn't disappointment with this.


"A lip care treatment infused

with all the power of plant

 oils to nourish and enhance

your lips' natural beauty."


- Innovative formula

- Unique fashion formula rich in plant-based active ingredients and directly inspired by Clarins expert face and body oils

- Nutrition and comfort

- Leaves a shiny, non-sticky finish on the lips and a subtle sweet taste

- Sponge-tip applicator that makes application simple


- ultra glossy colour pay off

- absolute comfort as soon as its applied

- non-sticky texture

- addictive fruity scents

- super soft applicator

- 'tinted'- just meaning very sheer lipstick, more comfort and slip than a gloss.

Special Ingredients- 

Rubus idaeus

Raspberry is the fruit of the Raspberry bush, a bramble from the mountainous regions of Europe. According to legend, the Raspberry was originally white and first appeared in Crete, a Mediterranean island where the young Jupiter, future king of the gods of Ancient Greece, had his home. One day, Jupiter would not stop crying so his servant gathered some raspberries to console the boy. In doing so, she scratched her arm and her blood stained the white fruit red for ever.

Simmondsia chinensis
Jojoba is a small shrub from the desert regions of the south-west United States and northern Mexico, nicknamed “desert gold” because of its incredible resistance to heat and drought in these arid regions. An oil rich in fatty acids is extracted from its seeds which is used in traditional medicine to heal wounds and moisturise the skin. In cosmetics, it is prized for its capacity to nourish the skin without leaving any oily feel.

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