Reverse Bucket List

By Jenny Cole - 07:22:00

We've all heard of the traditional bucket list, but have you ever heard of the reverse bucket list? I previously did a travel bucket list which you can find here. If you have no clue what I'm on about while talking about a reverse bucket list is, here's it simplified:

A reverse bucket list is a list of things that you have accomplished in your life already.

Looking back on everything I have already accomplished took a lot of reflection and gratification for everything that I have been able to achieve and experience already in my lifetime. In a world in which billions of people live, its very common that a lot of people have done the same thing as you, making it less special once you think about it.

However, if something doesn't sound like a big deal to someone else then it doesn't make it any less important or special to the person who achieved it.

This was very fun to make I have to admit, though it did take a lot of thought and time. I'm so incredibly proud of everything that I have achieved so far and I'm looking so forward to everything else that I get to experience and do in my lifetime.

1. Travelled to the Maldives twice (2005 and 2008)
2. Performed with the Ellen Kent company multiple times in the last 4 years
3. Danced with Pasha from Strictly on his tour
4. Performed at the Brighton dome twice
5. Lost 25 pounds at 16
6. Got the grades I wanted at GCSE
7. Started a blog (2016)
8. Seen Beyoncé in concert (2016)
9. Been on holiday to Australia
10. Dropped 4 marks overall in one of my GCSE's
11. Witnessed a sunrise and a sunset over the ocean
12. Been zip lining
13. Performed in front of thousands of people at the 02 with Voice in a Million
14. Jet skied and canoed  in the Maldives
15. Swam with dolphins

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