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I no longer have to wear a uniform for school anymore. Myself and many others have been given the choice of what to wear every day. At first I had planned every other day of the week except my first official day back- introduction day. I'm one of those people where first impressions last, contributing to the fact that i find them important. Very important. You always want to make a good impression on those around you. Well, at least I do. So here's my little blog post on what I wore this week to sixth from...

Tuesday: 6.9.16

So this is what I went with for my first day back in over 10 weeks since I'd finished my exams. Possibly one of my favourite outfits that I wear a lot, it just took me a bit to realise that it's alright for the first day. The dark grey top pictured above is not the exact one that i wore. My excuse is that Polyvore didn't have my one that i own on their website so i got the nearest lookalike for the set because it's no longer sold.  I get a lot of questions from where my bomber jacket is from (I wear it a bit too much but i love it so...), so here's a little list where you can find the clothes from this outfit:

Bomber Jacket: Topshop - £55
Black MOTO Holding Power Joni Jeans- Topshop- £45
Calvin Klein Lacey T-shirt- John Lewis- £35
Nike Roshe Run Trainers- Very.co.uk- £80

Wednesday: 7.9.16
This was supposed to be Thursday's outfit but the weather was warmer so it made more sense to wear this outfit rather than the next one. This outfit is most ideal for when it's sunnier but it can be worn in autumn/spring when paired with a jacket/coat. The skirt comes in different shades, I own the dark blue version instead of the Mid wash blue pictured above. Again for some reason Polyvore didn't have the exact same top that i personally wore with the outfit so the one pictured is a lookalike- the sleeves are 1/4 length with the one i own from M&S.

Denim Dolly Button Through Skirt in Mid Wash Blue- ASOS- £24
Black 1/4 length top- M&S- £6
Tights-M&S- £5
White Converse- Selfridges- £49

Thursday: 8.9.16
Originally Tuesday's OOTD- this look is more laid-back and casual than the other two. Another one of my favourite outfits. Fun little fact; the checkered shirt I wore with the outfit was the same one Zoey Sugg had on when I met her last summer (it's from Zara and they no longer sell it).  Converse near enough go with most outfits and yes i did where them two days in a row. At the end of the day, their a pair of shoes and i don't care.

Vintage Red Checkered Women's shirt- ETSY- £23
Boyfriend Tee Tunic- Topshop-£14
Deep Blue Joni Jeans- Topshop- £42
White Converse-Selfridges- £49

Today's outfit is my favourite of them all. I brought my top back in June as a early birthday present when it was in the sale- I don't know if they still stock it but the nearest River Island to me doesn't. The one above is the exact same just without the sleeves. I wore this for photo day mostly because khaki green brings out my hair. As well as the outfit being very comfy. 

Khaki Sleeveless Military Shirt- River Island- £32
Black MOTO Holding Power Joni Jeans- Topshop-£45
Nike Roshe Run Trainers- Very.co.uk- £80

Want to see more posts like this? Let me know in the comments below.

Jenny xo

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