Back To School Stationary Haul 2016

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 I know I'm very late to join on this bandwagon, but better late then never, right? I always look forward to this time of year- simply because i get to buy a whole new batch of stationary for the school year. If you're anything like me then this is probably one of your favourite times of year. However, this year i put off back to school shopping for as long as i could (well mainly until after results day). I've now got all my stationary for this year- just need to buy some more clothes and I'll be good to go. 

For those of you who don't know I'm going into sixth form to do English Literature, Media Studies and Theatre Studies for my A-levels. I'm excited but like most a little bit nervous just because of the step up they are from GCSE's. Anyway, enough of me blabbering on, heres my stationary haul for 2016...

This year I picked up 3 new binders for sixth form; one for each of my a-levels. In order the binders are from Tesco and Paperchase- the latter two that is. I love having binders that are colourful and patterned. Instantly falling in love when I spotted the London Landscape and Flower Background ones from Paperchase. The plain pink one is from Tesco by the brand Pukka Pad (best known for the pukka pads and notebooks). Buying it was killing two birds with one stone- simply because it came with a pencil case, a few pens/pencils and a ruler. As well as some dividers and funnily enough a pukka pad at the back. I added a little pocket to keep loose sheets in when i don't have a hole punch on me to add in for when i come home. 

Flashcards are a must for me when revising because I'm a visual learner. I just picked up some plain ones from Poundland (that's where they're cheapest). I found this weird little study hack on tumblr a while back about keeping all your flashcards together by using split rings. Just don't use string like i did when revising for my GCSE's- it doesn't quite work the same as the split rings do. Paperclips are another essential for keeping work together when revising/working on homework or assignments. 

I mentioned this briefly before ^^ in the earlier part of the post. The pencil case came from the Pukka Pad binder along with some of the stationary seen in the photo above. The only add in's are the glue stick, the mini stapler ( can we take a moment to appreciate how cute it is!!) and the Tipp-Ex pen. 

Refill pads are a must for sixth form because of three things: 
A) the amount of writing we do 
B) best to buy them in bulk because of A
C) the two points above

I didn't want to spend loads of money on refill pads so i got the 3 above from WHSmith on offer for 3 for 2. There 70 GSM which is very nearly good quality but I've tried and tested and the pens i write with (just normal biro's) don't go through the paper so I'm able to write on both sides. 

Now this was more of a impulse buy because i was unsure if we got given planners like the rest of the school did still (I'm carrying on at my current school) so i thought i would be safe and productive if i brought a academic year diary. This one is just a plain baby blue one from Poundland- nothing too fancy.

Now this is where i got really excited. So i hated planning my revision because i never actually stuck to my revision timetable- instead spending more time on making a pretty looking revision timetable than actually revising for the first week of proper revision. (A.K.A study leave). Below is a picture of the timetable's inside of the planner.

There's also a little note section box at the bottom of each page as well as at the back of the planner for more detailed notes on what you want to achieve in each revision session. 

The post its shown in the first picture are also from Poundland and from a little book i brought quite a while back, that came with sheets to write To-do lists on. 

Let me know in the comments below what you're most looking forward to do this coming school year

Jenny xoxo

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