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By Jenny Cole - 12:35:00

For today's post i wanted to do something a little different. I'm going back to school within the time span of a couple of days, for me though I'm just returning as a new student into the world of A-levels, UCAS, and thinking about university options. The one thing I absolutely dreaded when beginning secondary school was trying to have to meet the expectations of those implied by all of the American TV shows I had watched within the summer leading up to the next 5-7 years of my life. My secondary school education. To say the least it was nothing like High School Musical- which i had become addicted with at the age of 7. There wasn't any particular groups to try and get in like those shown in Grease. Instead it was a whole new level of awkward. Don't get me wrong we had the class clown in every lesson. He wasn't that funny. It got quite annoying after a while- hearing the same jokes repeated just in a different accent. After completing my formal education it's safe to say I've accumlated a list of advice I wish I had been given in some form or shape throughout the 5 years that defiantly had it's up and downs. Just I decided to do it alphabetically. 

Advice depends on who's dishing it out- that being a parent or a teacher, maybe even a fellow student
Be who you want to be 
Change is good
Don't let anyone try and shape you into a person that you're not and never will be 
Everyone is different; no one is the exact same 
Friends will come and go 
Girls will be bitches- kill' em with kindness
Hope-always have it
Illness will strike; don't fret about it
Just be to nice to people
Know your limits- push them and make new ones
Love openly, honestly and everyday
Memories will be made every day of your life
Never give up
Options. You have a lot of them- pick the best one for you; for example college or sixth form
Photos remind you of those memories you encountered- treasure them 
Questions were invented for a reason- ask them when you're stuck and need help
Revise your ass off and succeed
See who you truly are and live by it
Teachers only have your best interests at heart--no matter how much you hate their lesson
Unleash your inner Sasha Fierce when nervous/scared about something 
Victory is won by working for it 
Winners will sometimes be losers and that's ok
X-out the hatred inside of you
Yolo- isn't true- you live every day so make everything count 
Zoning out every once in a while is good. 

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  1. I really like this blog post. It's unique and and creative! I'm legit your number 1 fan!!! xxx