15 Things I Love About Autumn

By Jenny Cole - 10:16:00

Despite not being my favourite of all the seasons, there's still so much that I love about autumn. Differentiating from the American TV shows that i love so much bringing out a new season to the weather getting colder- giving me an excuse to start bringing my 'christmasy' jumpers forward a little bit in my wardrobe. Quick fact: they've always been at the front as soon as you open the right hand door to my 'main' wardrobe, should we say? 
Truth be told there's literally nothing that I hate about the season. 

1)  First and foremost, the weather is right up my ally. I hate sun. Partly because I'm ginger and i burn immediately as soon as it hits above 25 degrees and in the UK, the weather this year was fun for everyone but me. 
I prefer the cold, simply because i get to wear onesies again (yes i still wear them- they're comfy ok?) and drink as much hot chocolate as my heart desires. 

2)  Simply, it's getting closer to Christmas. End of. 

3)  X-Factor, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, replacing my weekly TV because Bake Off is ending next week and i need to have my little laugh at celebrities every week. Why did Selasi have to go?! 

4) Halloween is approaching. Sadly it's fallen on a Monday this year which means I'm having to celebrate it at the weekend before with friends. 

5) Halloween movies! 

6) It gets darker quicker and the clocks go back again! Hooray! We all get an extra hour in bed. Which is very much needed when we begin to wake up and it's practically pitch black outside and its cold. Not that I'm complaining or anything. 

7) The pumpkin spiced latte's are making a return. 

8)  Plaid is in again- hasn't stopped me wearing it all year again though!

9) blankets and throws galore. I've actually lost count of how many blankets i own or are currently on my bed. 

10) Dark nail polish and lipsticks. I'm in love with berry colours- more of a reason to start wearing my Kylie lip kits to school in my eyes. 

11) walking into Tesco's and being met by the advent calendars already being out, and the Christmas adverts making an appearance on the tele. 

12) Leaves are falling left, right and centre which are amazing for instagram shots and the pretty sunrise that happens when its early in the morning. I only get to experience them when i open my curtains early. 

13) The atmosphere change. I personally love it. 

14) Rain, rain and more rain. Despite this happening throughout the year, I just prefer it around this time and it makes me a very happy ginger. 

15) And last but certainly not least, the fireworks. My town recently just had their first firework display the next one being bonfire night. Despite having to walk up to the wave to see them, it's worth it.  

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