What I do when I'm having a 'meh' kind of day

By Jenny Cole - 04:31:00

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You know those days when you're body just refuses to do anything but be lazy and wants to sleep the day away for the rest of eternity? I'm having one of those days. I've noticed that since going back to school these kinds of days are becoming a lot more frequent then most and have left me feeling very unmotivated to do anything. I can officially say that the stress of a-levels have finally hit and are slowly pushing me to my edge.

On days like this I like to snuggle up in my bed watching Netflix and Youtube videos day in and day out while contemplating my life decisions. I always have to remind myself that days like this happen and its just apart of life. Some days you're really motivated and get everything done that you needed to and then some days laying in bed all day seems like the only option. The 'meh' kind of days fall in the middle of the two. Part of you is motivated which seems to be the part of me writing this blog post right now while the other part of me keeps staring at my bed from my desk wanting to binge watch the next Netflix series while eating all the junk food in my house.

For the past week I've been really unmotivated to work out but i forced myself to do so, even if i missed 1 or 2 workouts or only completed half of one, i still managed to push myself through them in hopes that it would make me motivated to do something. Trying to workout out in the mornings, the afternoon and the evening, not one of them made a difference to how i was feeling. Ok, that rhymed and was unintentional.

I like to try and push myself to do the little tasks that i have to do- knowing I had a really productive day yesterday and managed to vent on how i was feeling to one of my friends this morning discussing the concerts in which we're seeing next year providing something to look forward to. Just knowing that its ok to have a down day every now and again helps a lot. It's a natural emotion that will eventually pass.

Another way in which I deal with these kind of days is by reflecting on how productive i was yesterday or days prior to my 'meh' kind of day. It builds yourself up a bit and actually makes me feel more productive and wanting to do something good and over and done with for the day.

Just relaxing and doing nothing helps too. Just exchanging it as my rest day and doing everything i needed to do today on another day. Like for example, this week i have done something every day without including a rest day simply because i had the whole of last weekend doing nothing because i was so tired. I like to think of them as half rest days where doing the little tasks gets something done.

Making this blog post has helped me feel a bit better about myself and has made me want to be productive but still be relaxed about everything that i do today to help keep my mind at rest. So, um...yeah this was a bit of a different blog post from what i usually post but i liked writing, so i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did writing it.

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