Why It's Important To Have Goals

By Jenny Cole - 09:49:00

First off, how on earth is it 2017 already? Last year went in the blink of an eye I swear. Second of all-HELLO! How are you? How was your Christmas and New Year? Mine was full of a lot of naps after eating a bit too much, friends and family and a lot of good TV.

In-between the awkward little stage between  Christmas and New Years I sit down and make a list of my new years resolutions to say the least. Last year I managed to succeed in doing all 5 which I'm very proud of. SO I wanted to add a few more to the list this year and tell you wonderful lot why its important to set goals for yourself and how to stick to them.

Setting goals gives me a plan to follow, something to aspire too, set in small baby steps, which I tick off as I go.  Just making one minor change in your daily routine can lead up to some pretty big results. I've always found that setting goals, as small as they be, take me one step closer to my end goal. Their essential to your development and success.

This may sound really sad to some BUT i really like setting goals. Having that guideline there makes me so much more productive and gets me started on that road to success. I know that the vast majority of goals set for the new year is the whole new 'new year, new me' thing and 'this year I'm going to become healthier, I'll start working out and eating healthy'. HAHAHA no. I know so many people who did this and gave it up within a couple of days. I think its because a lack of motivation, and the goal being too big. If they were to put them down into smaller goals then they would be a lot more achievable. For example-'I'll only east junk food 3 days a week, and then once I've done that I'll only eat junk food on the weekend'. It's not good to cut junk food out completely because you still need that balance (I'm going into  awhile other post right now-expect that within the coming months!! Hint hint!!).

I'm babbling again, aren't I? Sorry. Bit of a bad habit of mine. Like many years before I've written down some goals and I wanted to share them with you. Mainly so you can keep me accountable if i tend to wonder off within the next month. One of them I haven't put into action yet (but i will tomorrow!!). Have to say, there a lot more realistic and smaller than last years but if I can stick with them all one year, I can do it again!

So...here are my 2017 goals/new years resolutions.

1. Do something productive everyday

2. Drink more water (this one is going VERY well at the moment)

3. Make healthier food choices when presented with an option

4. Read 50 books this year (recently read my first one-LOVED it)

5. Blog more

6. Start working out every Monday. Wednesday and Friday at the very least (if you haven't guessed, this starts tomorrow)

7.  Spend my free periods at school as 'study' periods. 

8. Cut down on procrastination 

9. Improve my concentration skills 

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