16-Nightmare or Dream?

By Jenny Cole - 09:28:00

I don't know about you but when I was younger I couldn't wait to be 16. I used to think it was the perfect age to be- you leave school (formal education at least), nearly able to drive and you're also that one step closer to being able to move out and go explore the world. Oh how times have changed.

Once you hit 16 you really want to be 18 and then once your there you want to be 21. The majority of my friends are 17 or are turning it very soon, with them all learning to drive. Not me. I have another 5 months before i turn 17 and i can even think about driving. Don't even get me started on the insurance rates.

One thing I've learned from being 16 is that adults begin to treat you like adults but you're still a kid to them. It's feel no different to being 15-except that school becomes more stressful and I'm beginning to look into how much everything is to do, i.e. learning to drive, university etc.

I'm nowhere as near as independent as I'd like to be because of the law, relationships are a bitch, one word-DRAMA, I need my own income but I don't have the time to get a job alongside school and extra curricular, and sometimes one little mistake can make you feel that the world is going to come crashing down in an instant. It won't. It never will.

Reasons why being 16 isn't all that bad include:

You don't have to know what the rest of your life is going to be like. You have time to decide what you wanna do, if you want to go on to further education, or if you want to take a gap year.

UCAS hasn't come knocking on my front door yet.

Metabolism- this deserve's its own praise, it's going to take a while all of the McDonalds to catch up with you.

We still have the rest of our lives to do all the boring stuff so we can enjoy this wonderful age while we can.

You will have the longest summer break in your life after GCSE's are finished. Trust me it'll be awesome.

16 is the year of weird relationships. Some people you thought you would be friends with life for (well-at least another 2 years) turn out to be someone you'll never talk to again after you realise your 'friendship' isn't that great after all and you learn that letting that friendship go is ok, because thats just life. This year I've reconnected with a lot of people and I couldn't be more thankful for it.

You're not an adult yet. All that responsibility can wait another year or two before it can even think about coming at me.

16 defiantly has it's ups and downs. You'll be happy to know there's a lot more ups then downs. At the moment I can't wait to be 17 (Alessia Cara reference, what up?)(Superwomen reference.). At the end of the day 16 has been a lot better than I thought it would be-even if I do complain about it sometimes.

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