10 things you probably didn't know about me

By Jenny Cole - 11:01:00

1. I used to be able to whistle but now I can't. The funniest thing about is that once I learned to click my fingers I couldn't whistle anymore whereas before I could click my fingers I was able to whistle. I ended up replacing one skill with one another.

2. I hate the word 'moist'. Why on earth was that word created? It's horrible.

3. I can't watch any type of horror films unless their like the purge trilogy. I tried watching Insidious with my best friend but I ended up sitting there with my eyes closed the entire time.

4. I can recite near enough the whole of Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone.

5. I've travelled nearly half-way around the world as a child but I can't remember any of it.

6.  I nearly drowned when I was about 6 while having a little barbecue on the beach with some family friends- when i decided to go near the water to pick up a shell, slipped on some sea weed and got dragged out to sea. However, I was saved by our family friends' dog who bit down on my t-shirt sleeve and dragged me out.

7. I come from a very long line of professional dancers and I began learning to dance at the age of 2 before stopping just before my 16th birthday.

8. I have a large skin graft on my arm from where I burned myself when i was 2.

9. I have over 50 books I need to read on my book shelf because my love for reading has come back.

10. I'm supposed to wear glasses part-time for when I'm on my computer, watching TV or reading which is near enough every minute of every day, but i don't. If my optician ends up ever reading this somehow, sorry and can i book my next appointment online?

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