Ready, Set, Summer

By Jenny Cole - 04:42:00

I know I'm a bit late on this particular band wagon to share what my current go-to playlist is this month to celebrate that its summer (mines nearly come to an end...). The first thing i did once my exams finished was come home, go up to my room and put on some music and just...relaxed to say the least. It felt weird. To have so much free time again after 9 months of finishing coursework and revising for my exams. Music always has relaxed me when I'm stressed and/or trying to relax- thats for another post though.

My 2016 summer playlist consists of some old and new tunes from the last couple of years. Many that bring back a lot of memories from when i was younger and didn't have a lot of things to do except run around outside with my friends.

You can find the link to my Summer 16' playlist above containing the likes of: MO, Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake, ZAYN, MNEK, Shawn Mendes, Clavin Harris, Fifth Harmony, and Ed Sheehan just to name a few. If you wish to listen.

Summer is about having fun and enjoying the sunshine and perhaps going abroad for a little while, unless you're like me and you're enjoying the free time you have before you go back to school- which begins in a couple of weeks for the majority of the UK.

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