How I clean my makeup brushes

By Jenny Cole - 05:56:00

Cleaning makeup brushes is a chore we must all commit to doing at some point. Many of us try to put this task off as long as humanly possible because to put it simply-it takes to long to do and complete. Yet the reason why we have to do this chore is pretty important. I can't lie and say that i haven't put off cleaning my makeup brushes every now and again and using the same excuse (that i haven't had the time). When applying makeup to your face, you're picking up bacteria from your skin which then stays in your makeup brushes bristles festering. Then the next time you go to use it your applying a mix of makeup and bacteria to your face- while doing so picking up more bacteria from your skin. Entering us all into this cycle that doesn't end until we clean our brushes; providing us with those ugly spots that we hate and complain about. Vicious isn't it? 
It's very important to deep clean your bushes every couple of weeks to fight against this bacteria and to have your brushes looking like the first time you brought them. If you're skin is oily or problematic  than I'd suggest that you'd clean your brushes a bit more frequently than that of a person whose skin is normal and doesn't suffer a lot of problems from their skin. 
The majority of my brushes are from real techniques and when they came out with a brush cleanser i couldn't resist to jump at the chance to buy one to help me quicken up the 'little' chore that we have to carry out.
Here's my process on how I clean my makeup brushes:

1) I gather up all the tools that i need, i.e my makeup brushes (thats a must), brush cleanser and a pot of warm water (no more than a couple of cm though!! We don't want to be wasting water!) or at least be near a tap. 
2) Either dip your brush in the pot of warm water or run it under the tap, holding the brush head downwards or at an angle so the water doesn't go all the way into the brushes head and start messing around with the glue. 
3) pump a little bit of your cleanser onto the bristles of your brush.
4) Now for this part you can either use your hand or a hand held tool (shown in one of the pictures above) to lather up your brush and help break down the bacteria and get your brush clean again. Start swirling your brush around, occasionally adding some warm water to the mix to help with the lathering.
5) Squeeze out any excess product 
6) repeat if necessary 
7) lay your brushes down on the side so any left over water can drain out and so your brush can air dry over a couple of hours while you get on with your day. ( i like to leave them drying over night so i can use them once i wake up the next morning). 

Hope this gave you a little insight into how i do the chore that i have a love/hate relationship with. Maybe it even educated a little bit and you found it helpful. 

How many of you are going to go wash your brushes now?

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